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Chiropractic Therapies

Patients seek chiropractic treatment for a number of reasons. Chiropractors can help with chronic pain, immune system and gastrointestinal dysfunction, migraine headaches, allergies and asthma and even certain behavioral disorders. Chiropractic treatment can reduce the need for prescription medication and help patients naturally improve their overall health and well-being, well saving thousands on unneeded medical bills.

Chiropractic care stimulates the nervous system, which is responsible for controlling a large number of vital bodily functions. By manipulating the body’s muscles, joints and bone structure, practitioners are able to provide patients with a wealth of benefits.

There are many chiropractic treatment options available. Three therapies that have proven to be especially beneficial when used as part of a comprehensive treatment plana are the manual therapy program, multiwave lock synclaser (MLS) therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy.

Massage Therapy: Unique Manual Therapy Program

Massage therapy has long been used to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. Massages provide many natural benefits, including stress and tension relief, relaxation, anxiety reduction and better flexibility and range of motion. Getting regular massages restores peace of mind and helps patients to center their thoughts, while relieving physical aches and pains often associated with psychological instability.

Manual therapy is a unique method which takes the benefits of traditional massage to the next level. It’s more comprehensive than traditional massage therapies, including deep tissue massage. Much like other methods of chiropractic treatment, this type of therapy can provide pain relief, and when used in conjunction with other treatments, back pain relief, specifically, can be maximized.

Therapists trained and certified in manual therapy manipulate muscles to improve circulation, soften scar tissue beneath the skin, and encourage new cell growth. Application of the hands-on techniques of manual therapy will help to properly assess and treat specific pain points, stimulating healing and allowing patients to enjoy a better quality of life.

Multiwave Lock Synclaser (MLS) Therapy

Many chiropractic patients find laser therapy, and specifically multiwave lock synclaser therapy (MLS), to be beneficial for reducing pain. This type of therapy stimulates energy within damaged cells which promotes the healing process. When a patient’s skin absorbs the healing stimuli, known as photons, a wealth of positive changes occur.

Laser therapy promotes the production of enzymes, lymphatic drainage and stimulates collagen production, which reduces scarring. Immune system function is also improved. Inflammation and swelling are reduced, and new cells develop. Pain is alleviated more quickly and it takes less time for a patient to heal.

Patented MLS technology is capable of treating surface level as well as deep tissue areas and enables less scatter for treatment of deep tissues. The technology minimizes human error by delivering exactly the amount of treatment needed for each patient’s individualized needs, ensuring optimal relief. Water, oxygen and nutrients are coaxed to the damaged areas of the body so they can be treated.

Laser therapy is FDA approved and has long been used in other areas of the world, including Europe, in chiropractic programs.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Therapists who practice this type of treatment send a pulsating electromagnetic field throughout a patient’s body, which can stimulate healing. PEMF has been approved by the FDA to promote the reconstruction of non-healing bone formations, is entirely painless and has shown no adverse effects. It has improved the psychological and physical function of patients, and has proven to be successful in eliminating migraines, strengthening joints, improving the function of vital organs and detoxifying the body. PEMF also helps to heal contusions and bruising, and decreases inflammation, pain, stiffness and swelling.

Through PEMF, patients can enjoy the benefits of increased circulation, cell hydration, flexibility and increased range of motion, as well as increased strength and stamina. Proper immune system functioning and stress reduction are also key benefits to utilizing this form of therapy.

EMF treatments promote the body’s healing. Damaged tissue is regenerated, tendons are repaired and fractured bones heal much more quickly as the treatment encourages the body to use its protein reserves fully. This type of revolutionary treatment can help to restore a patient’s overall health and well-being.

What’s the Best Approach for Me?

The most effective plan will depend on the patient’s individualized needs. There are many options available for chiropractic care, and such care can be sought as an alternative to prescription medications and more traditional treatments.

In considering which treatment or treatments are most beneficial, a patient should consult his or her physician. Generally, a comprehensive plan will be established to ensure optimal results.