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How Chiropractic Care Helps Back Pain

Is your back hurting right now? It might be a sharp pain or a dull throb, but the overall impact is the same. Your life is being adversely impacted, whether it’s motivating you to make a call to the boss for a sick day, or simply encouraging you to stay in bed on a precious weekend instead of taking part in your social life with family and friends.

Take heart. You’re in good company with your friends and neighbors. Some estimates show that 80 percent of Macomb County residents calling the State of Michigan their home will experience the misery of low back pain at some point in the course of their adult life. (And significantly from an employer’s perspective, more than 25 percent of these working adults missed time at work in the previous three months after experiencing low back pain.)

Chronic back pain is an equal-opportunity aggravation, too. Both men and women are equally impacted by the constant aches and pains in their backs – whether the discomfort is in the upper or lower back. The agony might last a few days or a few weeks, but the chances are it will return, haunting weekend athletes and aspiring couch potatoes with equally reckless abandon.

Typically, back pain stems from a mechanical failing of the spine, relating to the normal wear and tear associated with the aging process of the human body. Normal daily use – the average movement during the course of the day – can take a long-term toll on the joints, discs, and bones of the spine. It might be mere sprains and strains, skeletal irregularities, the results of a traumatic injury like being involved in an automobile accident or something else, but the end results are the same: a quality of life that has been impaired.

While anyone can encounter back pain, there are some factors that can raise the risk, including age (the onset of back pain typically strikes between the ages of 30 and 50), fitness level, pregnancy, weight gain, occupational risk factors with physically demanding jobs, pre-existing mental health issues and overloaded backpacks carried by school children.

Professional chiropractic care can provide relief to individuals suffering from back pain. It is estimated by experts that roughly 22 million Americans will visit their local chiropractors each year, and 35 percent of those patients are visiting their chiropractor’s office in a search for a back pain solution. (Patients are also compelled to call a chiropractor in response to recurring neck pain, headaches and tingling or numbness in their arms and legs.)

Chiropractic care involves doctors of chiropractic applying hands-on manipulation of the human spine, with varying levels of pressure applied in a relatively painless process intended to return the body’s musculoskeletal system to a proper alignment. The hope is that the proper alignment of the spine (corrected during a process known as a spinal adjustment) will enable the body to heal itself, without compelling the patient to turn to surgical solutions or medication.

Patients seeking relief from their back pain and visiting their chiropractor for the first time can look forward to a thorough evaluation of their medical records along with a comprehensive questionnaire, followed by a physical examination. Lab tests and other diagnostic tools might also be used in assisting the chiropractor in diagnosing the cause of the discomfort in the back.

Spinal adjustments or spinal manipulation usually take place on densely padded treatment table that positions the patients lying down, with drop-down panels that enable the chiropractor to apply pressure to a specific area of the back. (It is during these spinal adjustments that patients can look forward to experiencing the harmless “popping” or “crackling” sound often associated with a chiropractic treatment.) A chiropractor might also utilize electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy and massage therapy in effectively treating patients. Following treatments, the chiropractor might suggest the use of vitamins improve the patient’s overall health or some basic exercises to improve the patient’s range of motion and flexibility.

Chiropractic care is widely recognized as one of the safest treatments available for addressing back pain. Many patients feel immediate relief following treatment, although a handful of individuals may experience mild soreness or aching. The symptoms usually fade within 24 hours of treatment.

If back pain is stealing the ability to enjoy a high quality of life, a telephone call (586-772-5876) or a visit to our local Roseville, MI chiropractic office might be in order, to determine how our chiropractors can help. The initial visit might last for a matter of minutes, but the solution can last a lifetime.