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"I'm Back To Fighting Fires Instead Of Fighting Pain!"

Detroit spinal decompression I am a firefighter that needed to change my pain-filled life back to optimal health, and I was determined to achieve this at any cost.

I could not sleep due to numbness in my legs, and when I got called to action in the early morning, I was very stiff and aching. As a firefighter living with this constant daily pain, I was restricted in doing my job and living my life to the fullest! I tried daily exercise for some temporary relief, but it was not enough. My next step involved traditional medical care, but I was told to either live with my pain or turn to drugs or surgery. Medication did not work and that left surgery as my only option left. At least, I thought that was my only option. I was so depressed with my chronic pain and figured there had to be a better way to health, but I did not know where to go.

It was at this time, I received a call about Dr. Lupo's Spinal Aid Center and decided to at least try it before committing to any surgery, because I was determined to move forward in improving my health. After my consultation, I began Lumbar Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression therapy and chiropractic care and was impressed with the experience! The friendly and efficient office staff showed personal interest in my care and well-being, and their positive attitude was an additional help in me getting better. I felt relief from pain and the numbness in my legs after only two weeks of care.

I have completed my lumbar decompression therapy, but I continue with regular chiropractic care to maintain the progress in my health. I can now do my job without pain and I am living my life! I recommend decompression therapy and chiropractic care for anyone living with daily pain. Don't get depressed by your pain, get under care with Dr. Lupo!

Tom Bauer - Warren, MI

"My experience with Dr. Lupo's office has been great!"

Detroit spinal decompression I am a 17 year old who missed the last two months of her Senior year at school because I could not do anything without severe pain. I graduated high school in a wheelchair because I couldn't walk without assistance. I used to dance and now I couldn't move, what happened to my life?

I underwent every test to figure out why I was in so much pain and why I couldn't walk. A senior in high school should be concentrating on graduation, not on nerve conduction tests, CT scans, myelograms, IR fluoroscopy, bone scans, and MRIs. These tests found a herniated disc, but now what was I going to do? I went to so many different doctors and I tried epidural injections, physical therapy, traction, pain medication, muscle relaxants, steroid injections and a TENS unit, but nothing worked. Being discouraged was an understatement. I was told surgery was the next step, but no surgeons wanted to operate on me because of my age.

My aunt told me about Dr. Lupo's office and since I didn't have any other options, it was worth coming in to see him. After the consultation, I began Lumbar Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and chiropractic care. After 12 treatments my pain decreased by half and I was able to sleep without pain.

My experience with Dr. Lupo's office has been great! I am amazed at how fast the treatments helped me and how the staff supported my healing. I can walk on my own again, and enjoy being back with my friends. I am so glad that I came here because they finally fixed me and I can get back to my normal life!

I would tell anyone with back pain no matter their age, to definitely come in and try the decompression program. It is relaxing, not painful, and the people are great! This treatment is safe and will work when others do not.

Alicia Kreft - Harrison Twp, MI

"I Feel the Best I Have Felt in Years"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center My name is Ethlyn Black, I am an 86 year old lady. In 1991 I had a lumbar laminectomy operation on my spine. I was told I had 5 disc bulges, stenosis, narrowing, constriction of a passage duct opening, etc, etc, etc.

My back had an impact on my daily life. My legs would "go out" on my on a daily basis. I had trouble walking, sitting, and standing. I used a walker to get around the house and to get anywhere I wanted to go. I have not been able to go to meetings with the two singing groups I belong to and unable to take part with the group 'The Heart of the Hills Players' or 'The Senior Showcase at the Macomb Performing Arts.'

I had 3 years of epidurals (9 shots), physical therapy, spine therapy, 8 acupuncture treatments, pain pills and next the doctor said he was going to operate for a second surgery.

I saw Dr. Lupo's ad in the Detroit Free Press, so I went in to check it out. Before I left the office, I signed up for the SpinalAid non-surgical spinal decompression and started treatments that day.

One of the nice things about the Lupo clinic is that you are treated so well. They greet you with a friendly 'hello' and they are good at keeping appointments.

Since I've had treatments, I've been walking without a walker, and taking fewer pain pills. I'm even back to attending my ballroom dancing classes!

I've told other friends, and even people who strike up a conversation with me. I tell them that, at last, I have found something that helps.

Ethlyn Black - Clinton Township, MI

"After Many Years of Pain - I Can Live My Life Again!!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I had been suffering with severe back pain for many years and was looking for any sort of help for my disc condition that was progressively getting worse. After reading about Dr. Lupo's office in the newspaper, and not having any desirable options for my back pain, I decided I would come in and see what it was all about.

I was having trouble walking and was in constant pain. I couldn't even go shopping without leaning on a cart for support. I had limited mobility and it was affecting my everyday life. I tried other things to get rid of this pain like physical therapy, which only lasted few sessions with minimal relief. I was also using pain pills like Tylenol and Vicodin, but the side effects actually made me feel worse. I really was not interested in getting pain shots in my spine. And I definitely DID NOT WANT SPINAL SURGERY.

What I liked was the way that Dr. Lupo explained to me what Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression was and told me that there was a possibility that I might not be a candidate. This was unlike what I've heard any other doctor say. He had to study my MRI's and X-rays to be sure. I enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere here and seeing the staffs' smiling faces every time I came in. I also like the fact that you don't just learn how to fix your back pain here, but also I learned general health information as well.

After I completed the Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression program, I no longer have to take pain pills or even think about them! I can now do things like shop without using the cart for support and walk without any pain. I CAN LIVE MY LIFE AGAIN! I have learned how to take care of myself without medication and I'm keeping it up and intend to continue to come back here. I have seen positive results and improvements from coming here and would highly recommend this to anyone with any sort of back pain to come in.

Anthony Pitocchi - Retired Mail Carrier; Grosse Pointe, MI

"I Finally Found A Doctor To Help Me"

Lupo Spinal AId Center I had a fall that fractured one of the vertebrae in my low back. Since the accident, I was in pain walking, sitting, standing, cooking and even trying to clean house. I really believed I would never recover and lead a normal life again. I was concerned that my problem was getting worse. Surgery was suggested for me but I did not want to have surgery.

I saw an article in the newspaper about Dr. Lupo's office offering non-surgical spinal decompression. My pain was so bad, I had to give it a try. I made an appointment to speak to the doctors at Lupo SpinalAid Center. My MRI report stated that I had three disc bulges and an annular tear.

I decided to begin care with Dr. Lupo. I am glad I did, because I did not have to have surgery. I have been to other doctors but they did not help me. At this office I have had effective treatments that really work and are different. The entire staff is kind, compassionate and encouraging.

The biggest difference in Dr. Lupo's office is that all the services he performs are designed to contribute to the healing process, instead of just trying to cover up the symptoms. I believe the natural way is the only way to really get well. Coming to Lupo SpinalAid has been better than having surgery for me. Today I am back to using my rototiller and gardening. This is only 6 months after the fall on my back!

Thank you Dr. Lupo.

Dorothy Spano - Sterling Heights, MI

"Dr. Lupo & Spinal Decompression Have Changed My Life!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I was a school teacher suffering from debilitating neck pain that made it very difficult to drive and complete daily housework. I went through the routine of x-rays, MRIs, and pain medication without any direction toward relief. I would take the prescribed pain pills and they would only help out for an hour or two. I was experiencing the worst pain I had ever known and medical doctors could only offer me injections as a possible relief option.

I knew that I needed to look for something different than what I was doing. I did not know where to turn for help. A colleague of mine told me about Dr. Lupo's office, and I decided to go.

After a consultation, I was told that I was a candidate for Cervical Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and chiropractic care. I underwent treatment which sought to naturally heal my neck discomfort and pain. I finally had relief that the previous medication could not give me!

I have now been a patient for four years, and I continue to get regular chiropractic care to keep me pain-free. I would tell anyone suffering from neck pain to try chiropractic care and inquire about candidacy for non-surgical spinal decompression. It has changed my life, and it can change yours!

Linda Thomas - Detroit, MI

"We Are Now Both Enjoying Life Without Pills Or Pain!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center My wife and I first heard about Dr. Lupo through a flyer in the mail and we decided to come in for a consultation. I told Dr. Lupo that I had been having severe headaches for awhile, that I was taking Celebrex for the pain, and that I couldn't do anything while in pain. My wife was suffering from severe back pain that restricted all of her activities.

After the consultation, we both began chiropractic care and my wife began Lumbar Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. Dr. Lupo went over our x-rays with us and showed us where our spinal vertebrae were misaligned and why we were having the headaches and pain.

After getting regularly adjusted, I noticed a decrease in my headaches and I was able to stop taking my Celebrex. I was very impressed with my wife's improvement and how we could both enjoy life without pain!

I would tell anyone suffering from pain and headaches to come see Dr. Lupo. The staff is outstanding and very friendly. All the equipment is up-to-date and very impressive. Let Dr. Lupo help you get out of pain without drugs and surgery!

Walter Jones & his wife, Carnellia - Mt. Clemens, MI

"Relief Without Surgery!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center My back pain was preventing me from my daily activities such as house work. At night, the pain was so bad that I did not sleep. I woke up feeling tired all day. I felt my problem was continuing to get worse without care.

I had an MRI taken which showed that I had a spondylolisthesis at L4, disc dehydration, facet hypertrophy, central canal stenosis, bilateral neural foraminal narrowing and degenerative disc disease! I was told I needed surgery.

I did not want to have surgery, but was in so much pain. One day while looking through the newspaper, I saw an article about non-surgical spinal decompression. So I set up an appointment at Dr. Lupo's office. I decided to begin decompression treatments.

The decompression treatments are painless. And I like that this is a non-surgical solution to my pain. Support is provided to assure the patient is comfortable during care. The staff is cheerful and encouraging throughout the process. All of the employees call me by my name.

I would recommend this non-invasive treatment to others. I am glad I chose Dr. Lupo's office, I have experienced relief from my back pain without surgery!

Anne Mae Jarrad - Fraser, MI

"I Would Definitely Recommend Dr. Lupo & His Treatment"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center Before treatment on the DRX, I was unable to enjoy the functions of a normal life. I was in pain all day and at times could not stand up straight without stabbing pain in my lower back and left leg. I had tried traditional physical therapy and became frustrated at the lack of progress to achieve any sustained relief.

I experienced marked relief after the first treatment session on the DRX and began to gain momentum with each additional session.

My parents saw an ad in the local paper for this new non-surgical treatment to relieve pain and get my life back. I was skeptical at first when Dr. Lupo took the call. I was not comfortable with chiropractors and let him know it. Dr. Lupo assured me that he would educate me and I would feel comfortable before we decided to proceed on any course of treatment.

I am glad I listened, because his staff listened to my concerns each time I went in for a session. They treated me with care as not to exasperate my condition of pain. I was addressed by name every time I came in, and rarely waited more than a couple of minutes for service.

It has now been over two years since I finished non-surgical spinal decompression treatment at Dr. Lupo's office and I have had absolutely no relapse. Dr. Lupo gave me my life back!

I would definitely and have recommended this treatment and this office to anyone that is in pain as the best non-surgical treatment for back pain I can think of.

Harry Nouhan, Jr. - West Branch, MI

"I Can Do So Much More- Without Pain!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I have had mid-back and low back pain for at least 15 to 20 years. My pain made getting up and walking very difficult and I could not walk very far. I had an MRI done and it showed bulging discs. I tried massages and ice packs. The pain medication from my family doctor didn't work and I was told that I could end up in a wheelchair.

I saw Dr. Lupo's advertisement for Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, and I decided to come into the office since I already knew I had bulging discs. I decided to try the treatment, and by my second visit I noticed that I could get up from sitting easier. I continued with my decompression and chiropractic care because I wanted to get the best results.

I am really excited with the improvement from my treatments after only three months. I have hardly any pain, and I can walk farther than ever. The decompression table is the best thing for discs and low back pain!

Dr. Lupo and his office staff are very helpful, friendly, and make sure you are comfortable. I am very pleased with my results. I recommend Dr. Lupo and nonsurgical spinal decompression for anyone who has back problems. It's unbelievable how I can move around and do so much more without pain!

Joan Warner - Roseville, MI

"I Can Play Sports Again!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center After an auto accident, I had pain that prevented me from doing many things, but the inability to play sports was the worst problem. The whiplash that I experienced from the car accident really affected everything. I was afraid that I was not going to get better, and that at the age of 15, I would have to live with pain and decreased mobility.

My mother brought me to see Dr. Lupo, and I was told that I was a candidate for cervical non-surgical spinal decompression. Throughout my treatments, the staff was very friendly and amazing and they were able to work around my family's very busy schedule. I noticed good things were happening by the end of my first week. The treatments relieved my neck pain and chiropractic care continued to help me maintain this relief.

Now, I can play sports and enjoy my life! I am back to my normal self again!

My recommendation for anyone suffering from neck pain is "Go to Lupo's" because their staff is very friendly and they can help you!

Devon Surmont - Eastpointe, MI

"Surgery Is NOT Your ONLY Option!!!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Lupo's office for about eight weeks now. My experience with his entire office has been a pleasant one. Every one of his staff has taken an interest in my care. Dr. Lupo, along with his staff called and knew me on a first name basis on the first day.

I had been suffering with constant low back pain and radiating leg pain for the last 25 years. I had disc bulges/herniations and stenosis from T12 to S1 and I couldn't find any relief. I tried physical therapy, pain specialist, narcotic medicine, 20+ epidural steroid injections, and Rhizotomy procedures every 4 months (severing of spinal nerves). My problem continued to get worse. I had to stop taking narcotics because they put me in the hospital, and I was told that surgery was my ONLY option.

My pain limited a lot of my activities. I had to have my mother help me tie my shoes and pull up my jeans. Everything I would do was slow and painful, even just brushing my teeth. I did not know where to turn, because I didn't want to have surgery. At this time I saw an advertisement in the Warren Weekly, and the testimonials that I read influenced my decision to come in for a consult and begin Lumbar Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression with Dr. Lupo.

I had a very good experience, and everyone is very friendly, patients and staff included. I never had a question go unanswered and the procedure was painless. I am very glad I came into this office because of the friendly atmosphere and the knowledge that I was finally being helped. I would tell anybody with similar pain to give it a try, and that drugs will only be a temporary fix to a long term problem. Surgery is NOT your only option, treating at Dr. Lupo's office was the real solution for me!

Karen Cojanu and her mother Betty - Warren, MI

"Getting My Life Back After 30 Years of Pain!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center Let me start by telling you I have suffered with severe back pain for about 30 years. My back pain prevented me from doing activities that I loved like gardening, exercising and golfing. Sometimes just walking felt like a chore, but at the same time I couldn't sit for very long because that was also painful. I knew I had arthritis and also bulging discs and curvature of the spine.

Over the years I had therapy, over-the-counter pills and prescription drugs all to NO avail. The prescription drugs like Celebrex actually made me feel worse because of the side effects so I had to stop taking them. So, I just went on suffering. I could barely turnover in bed, sit up and get up, then try to walk in the morning. The pain was awful.

For a couple of months I was getting a tabloid paper about spinal decompression. I also saw it on TV a few times. Finally one day I decided to call for a free consultation with Dr. Lupo. After checking my MRI and x-rays, I was told I was a candidate for the program.

I started my treatment immediately and found there was no pain during the treatment. I will say after 2 weeks I was getting up and walking with NO pain. The more I went, the better I felt. I finally found someone who helped me get my life back!

I have HIGHLY recommended seeing Dr. Lupo for non-surgical spinal decompression treatments to everyone I know with back pain, and anyone else who is suffering.

Thank you Dr. Lupo and your GREAT staff!

Sybil Maskiewicz - Clinton Township, MI

"I'm Now Back to the GYM!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I had been suffering with lower back pain for four years. The pain in my low back and hips were getting progressively worse and the pain never seemed to subside. I noticed that I was staying home much more instead of getting out and enjoying life. It was affecting my hobbies of golfing, biking, and working out. I have tried all kinds of treatments (physical therapy, heating pads, prescription drugs) with only temporary success. Pain was tiring me out and the only thing that was helping me was laying down and bed rest. The pain was also affecting my sleep, so it was atypical for me to get a decent nights sleep. I started to accept the fact that my life of activities such as walking, gym workouts, and normal movement would be limited. My 5 bulging discs were totally ruining my quality of life.

I saw an ad in the newspaper about Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. After discovering that I was a candidate, I accepted Dr. Lupo's help. I was pleased and excited to notice that after a few treatments I was beginning to feel improvement. I am now free of pain and my life is back to normal! I am now able to enjoy life and be active and once again go to the gym, which I love to do. It makes me feel younger! Dr. Lupo and his caring and very helpful staff are a pleasure to be with and I highly recommend his method of treatment to all who suffer with back pain from a disc herniation.

Barbara Gombar - Clinton Township, MI

"All I Wanted Was To Pick Up My Granddaughter"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I've had lower back pain for about 10 years and learned to live with it. I was never sure if I would sleep through the night and be able to find a spot in bed where I wouldn't hurt. My back pain was sharp and a constant ache. Ice, heat and massage were my friend until it didn't work anymore.

I saw an advertisement in the paper about non-surgical spinal decompression. I have to say I wasn't really skeptical because the ad made good sense to me and I wanted to know more. At this point I'd try anything, however, surgery really scared me.

The MRI's showed me I had bulging and herniated discs in both my back and neck. Dr. Lupo's office was able to explain to me my problems and recommend what to do to help me get better.

I can now bend and sit on the ground and garden and sit back up with no assistance. Even more important I can now lift and play with my granddaughter WITHOUT pain.

I definitely recommend Dr. Lupo's office to anyone who wants their life back.

Jeanette Lamberti - Clinton Township, MI

"I Was Able To Keep My College Basketball Scholarship!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I was a highly active 16 year old high school student whose life changed drastically after being involved in a car accident. I was used to going out and playing basketball and running, but my back pain made it difficult to even walk. I was constantly in pain and I couldn't work, play or enjoy hanging out with my friends. I went to see my family physician and he prescribed some pain medicine, but it didn't give me any permanent relief, and he referred me to Dr. Lupo for chiropractic care.

The chiropractic adjustments helped me get some relief and I would feel a little better after each one, but my pain continued to persist. Dr. Lupo wanted me to receive the best care possible, so he referred me to a pain specialist for further evaluation to determine the next steps in my treatment and care. We discovered that I had multiple disc herniations and bulges. At age 16, the last thing you want to hear is that you will be in pain for the rest of your life and your only option for relief from pain is back surgery, but that is what I was told. My dream of obtaining a basketball scholarship for college was jeopardized!

Dr. Lupo and the pain specialist agreed that I should try Lumbar Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, and I am so glad that I did. After a month of decompression treatments and chiropractic adjustments, I noticed a decrease in my pain level and I was able to enjoy my life with some pain-free days. I continued through my treatments and every day was better than the last, and now I am doing great! I am now playing college basketball and was able to keep my scholarship. I have my life back thanks to Dr. Lupo!

For anyone suffering in any way from pain, please come in and see Dr. Lupo. He will help you in any way that he can, and the atmosphere in his office is friendly and healing.

Mariah Denooijer - Warren, MI

"A Doctor & Now A Satisfied Patient"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center In January 2007, as I was walking with a group of people to an art festival, a truck swerved out of control and headed right for us. We all scattered, running fast. I tripped on my flip flops, tried to break the fall with my hands, failed, and slammed my head into the sidewalk. Knocked out and bleeding profusely, I was rushed by ambulance to the nearest Emergency Room. I came to with 13 stitches in my head, and an assurance that I had not broken any bones. I went home.

The gash healed nicely. But I developed pain in my right hand; I couldn't bend my little finger, my ring finger or my right wrist. My neck was constantly sore and stiff. I started waking up multiple times during the night with deep, aching pain in both arms. My hands swelled. Daily tasks were painful - making the bed, running the vacuum, lifting anything, even pouring coffee had to be done carefully using both hands. The accumulation of nights with interrupted sleep was wearing on my enthusiasm to participate in any physical activities. I was taking ibuprofen like M & M's!

Having treated many spinal injuries as a chiropractor, I never doubted that a regime of spinal adjustments combined with ice and heat, gentle stretching and weekly massages would render me pain free and back to normal. When progress was slow and temporary, I added a home cervical traction routine. But the pain persisted. The right hand motion seemed to improve but the arm pain worsened. I was operating on sheer mental energy, lacking months of a good night's rest.

In summer of 2008, I stopped in to see the Dr. Lupo's (Joe, Jeff and Jessica) and was introduced to their state-of -the-art spinal care center incorporating advanced non-surgical spinal decompression technology.

I mentioned my fall and consequent pain patterns to Dr. Joe, and how difficult my recovery was going. Upon his recommendation, I scheduled an MRI of my neck (cervical spine). The study revealed several cervical discs that were protruding onto my spinal cord and spinal nerves. The most severe protrusion was onto the level C5-6 nerve roots, those that travel down into my arms.

I decided to begin a series of cervical decompression treatments. After the first two weeks I was getting a bit doubtful about the efficacy of the treatments. While they were not particularly painful or uncomfortable, they were time consuming and I still was experiencing a lot of discomfort. But at the end of the third week, at about the twelfth treatment, I experienced almost 50% reduction in pain, and I started sleeping through the night. With enthusiasm I followed the remainder of the recommended sessions to completion and am delighted with the amount of relief it has afforded. While I still experience morning neck stiffness, and some increase in stiffness if I golf too many games in one week (Can there ever be too much golf???), all I do is gentle shoulder shrugs and neck stretches to reduce the discomfort.

I am grateful to the doctors at Lupo Spinal Aid Center and their staff for the knowledge, encouragement and compassion extended to me throughout the duration of my decompression treatments. As a chiropractor and a satisfied patient, I encourage anyone who is having recurrent pain patterns related to spinal nerve compression, disc lesions or a whiplash type injury to consider this non-invasive treatment.

Dr. Cindy Nesci - Harrison Twp., MI
Chiropractor & Stott Pilates Advanced Certified Instructor

"I Feel Like Family Here"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center Being an active person, I didn't feel too good with my back and neck problems. I was very disappointed with myself. I was concerned that my problem was getting worse without care.

I saw Dr. Lupo's sign and was given hope. I had heard very positive thoughts about Lupo Chiropractic. The staff here is very friendly and down to earth. I like coming here because it is a nice atmosphere and I feel like family.

I would tell another person with the same problem to 'see Dr. Lupo now.'

Louis John Giannuzzi - Roseville, MI

"My Spine Feels Much Stronger & More Stable"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center After receiving a flyer about Dr. Lupo in the weekend paper, I decided to check into the procedure. I had constant back pain from back injuries when I was younger as well as a recent auto accident. The pain in my back was getting worse and worse. I tried chiropractic care in the past but never found any relief. I was discouraged to think that my disc problem was just too bad. I figured that this would be something that I would have to live with.

I was skeptical of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, but Dr. Jessie determined that I was a candidate and believed it would help my disc problem. By the end of the first week I noticed some very positive changes in how I was feeling. I completed spinal decompression treatments in February. It is now April and I am still pain free.

I am visiting the office twice a week now to continue rehab exercises. I started an exercise program outside of the office over a month ago. Rehab is not easy and there have been minor setbacks as core strengthening is demanding, but worth it. I am truly seeing results and feel really positive about this whole experience. Now my spine feels much stronger and more stable.

Everyone in Dr. Lupo's office have been great. I was concerned about fitting the appointments around my work schedule, and they were able to accommodate me.

I recommend spinal decompression to anyone currently suffering who is a candidate. This is the best program that I know of for those with a disc problem.

Seth Watkins - Sterling Heights, MI

"I Feel Strong & Stable Now- No More Walker!!!"

Spinal Aid Center My back pain affected my daily activities by causing me to always use a walker and completely prohibiting me from doing any work in my kitchen. I had to depend on my daughter for help just for daily chores. I missed doing simple things like playing card with my friends. Sitting in a chair for any period of time was strenuous on my back. I found that I had to lay down in bed more and more throughout the day. I knew that this was no real way to live.

When my pain was at its worst, I could not cook or clean and the only way I could get relief while walking was from the walker. Without the walker, the pain would get so bad that I could not stop myself from crying. I was at the end of my options, and I was actually scheduled for surgery but had to cancel due to sickness and other medical issues. I have to take medication for a heart murmur, and the surgery would require me to stop taking it for two weeks. I was afraid of having a stroke while off my medication. Now I didn't know what to do or where to go for help.

I decided to seek care after receiving multiple flyers in the mail about Dr. Lupo's office. After my consultation about Lumbar Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, I decided to begin treatment and undergo chiropractic care. It took a few visits to become pain-free, but I feel good now. I also no longer have to use my walker! My spine feels strong and stable on its own. I'm also able to get back to doing the things that I enjoy, like singing in my church.

I am very glad that I came in to Dr. Lupo's office, and I would recommend this place to anyone with the same pain that I had. What I enjoyed the most about coming here was that everyone is so good to me and it was definitely worth the drive.

Lois Lietzow - Shelby, MI

"I Am So Glad I Found Dr. Lupo!"

I am a retired school teacher and have been suffering with stiffness, pain, and soreness in my neck for a couple of years. The pain literally was so intense that it felt like a knife in my neck. I attributed most of my pain to arthritis. However, a few months ago, the pain was only getting worse and I sought help from my medical doctor. He sent me for an MRI, which diagnosed "spinal stenosis". I tried physical therapy and some chiropractic care but the pain kept coming back!

Finally, my daughter gave me some information regarding non-surgical spinal decompression. She has received nothing but wonderful treatment from Dr. Tasco at the Rochester Spinal Aid office. I was in such pain and nothing was handling my problem, but I thought that non-surgical spinal decompression made a lot of sense. I came in for a consultation at Dr. Lupo's office and followed my recommended 24 treatment sessions. I am so glad that I did! The major pain is gone, I have much better mobility in my neck, and I feel so much better. I liked the initial intense manipulation three times a week combined with the decompression four times a week. I plan to keep improving and feel even better during a 3-6 month healing period.

The doctor and staff that work here are very professional, friendly, and on time! I never had to wait past my appointment time and they always worked around my schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Lupo and the Spinal Aid decompression therapy process!

Judy Todd - Warren, MI
Retired School Teacher

"I Can Now Sleep Without Pain!"

I was taking care of my bedridden wife when my neck pain really started bothering me. I had to lift and carry her daily, and this would aggravate my pain, but I just had to live with it. The pain was causing significant limitations. I could not take the time, away from caring for my wife, to take care of myself. I couldn't go to my grandkids' sport activities and cheer them on, because the pain was so bad. I had an MRI done on my neck and discovered that I had degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and 3 herniated discs!

When my wife passed away, I decided it was time to take care of myself because my pain continued to get worse. I was taking pain pills just to get through the day, but I couldn't sleep and my heart medication restricted me from taking sleeping aid pills. It got to the point where I was unable to do simple chores around my house like mowing my own yard.

One day I came home from a surgery consultation appointment, and I found a flyer from Lupo Spinal Aid in my mail. I called and set up an appointment for the next day. Dr. Lupo went over the pros and cons of treatment for my bulging and herniated discs. I decided that Cervical Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression was a better decision than surgery, and I began decompression treatments with chiropractic care.

I felt that the cervical treatments were a little strange at first, but the results spoke for themselves. After one month I was sleeping through the night without pain! The treatment was actually pleasant. I am very glad that I did not choose surgery.

I was very impressed with the staff and they are the reason I liked coming here. They are very friendly and they cared about me and my care. I am hoping to refer my son-in-law and granddaughter here with their sport injuries.

Paul Schneider - Warren, MI
(Retired Military Paratrooper)

"It's Amazing How Good I Feel!"

Dear Dr. Lupo and Staff:

The great care from everyone is outstanding in every way possible!

I have all but "6" good discs that are bone-to-bone in my spine. Being in such terrible pain, I knew that I had to do something in an attempt for relief. Going into my 7th week of treatment it is amazing, how good I feel!! To say the least, I was ready to have surgery, but, coming to Lupo SpinalAid is doing what I thought was not possible. I feel 'great' like a normal person again!

By not coming to Lupo SpinalAid, would have been a real disaster, leading to spinal surgery. Which no doubt would not have lasted very long, if at all.

I pass out information about Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression to anyone that I can. I teach them about the help I'm getting at Lupo SpinalAid. I really hope these people come to Lupo SpinalAid for help. I tell and pray they listen and do come for help as I have gotten. They could have SO much RELIEF!

I can't say enough about how grateful I am to the Lupo SpinalAid treatments, the machine and adjustments ARE working and improving my spine so much. More than chiropractic treatment alone.

After the first few treatments, I could tell a difference. I would recommend to any and all who have any kind of a back problem, because I am proof of the results! I'm 75% better! And plan on a 100% cure! Thank you Dr. Lupo!

Nancy St. Amand - Sterling Heights, MI

"I Had to Work Through the Pain So I Would Not Lose My Job"

I was in an auto accident in May 2006. It was a rear-end collision in which I was sitting and was hit at a high rate of speed. From that point on I had extreme back pain and right leg pain.

For the next year and a half I had to work through the pain so that I would not loose my job. I went to several doctors and was given medication after medication which did not help at all. I went through physical therapy and still no relief. About a year after the accident I had three epidural steroid injections. Although these helped ease the pain, it was only temporary. I lived with heating pads and ice packs.

My wife and I believed I would have this the rest of my life. She saw an ad in the local paper for non-surgical spinal decompression at Dr. Lupo's office. Although I was hesitant, my wife made the appointment and insisted I try it.

After the initial consultation, Dr. Lupo felt the therapy would help me. I committed to coming in for treatment 5 days a week. Within two weeks, I was getting relief in my back pain. After one month my back pain had subsided and I had only sporadic issues which I could deal with.

Now after six weeks my leg pain is gone. I am so totally amazed! I am so thankful I did this treatment.

The treatments are painless. Now so am I, except for only sporadic pain, which continues to improve. And the best thing of this whole experience has to be Dr. Lupo and his staff. They are so understanding and accommodating. They truly care about you.

I would tell anyone with severe back pain or disc problem to come and see Dr. Lupo. It is truly a painless procedure (therapy) and only takes a little bit of time. Now after only a month and a half, I am able to do activities with my family. It has been an outstanding experience. Thank you Dr. Lupo from the bottom of my heart!

Craig Blay - St. Clair Shores, MI

"Get Better Without Drugs or Surgery!"

I suffered from back pain for years, but like most people, I tried to live with it. I tried to not let the pain interfere with my duties as a mother and teacher, but by the end of the day I was in so much pain and I could never find a comfortable position to sleep, sit, or stand. Many nights I slept on the floor with a comforter because my mattress made my pain worse. In the mornings, I sometimes had to crawl to the restroom because standing up was too difficult. I knew this was not how I wanted to live my life, but did not see any other alternative.

I was in so much pain that I couldn't bend or twist at the waist, and I had pain shooting down my leg. Walking, sitting, and standing were very limited, and I had to constantly walk bent over at the waist. The pain was so severe that I was taking 800mg of pain medication every 6-8 hours and receiving epidurals just to get temporary relief. I did not know where to turn for help, and then Cindy Sparks from my church told me about Dr. Lupo's office. She told me about her office where the focus was on improving body function, as well as pain relief.

I began Lumbar Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and Chiropractic care with Dr. Lupo. I learned about total body health care and exercises to help with my healing. The care I received was well rounded with a warm, caring and friendly doctor and staff. I really liked the fact that Dr. Lupo works toward correcting health problems naturally, rather than just medicating the symptoms away like all my other doctors wanted me to do. I highly recommend Dr. Lupo and his wonderful staff to anyone suffering from pain, because they can help you get better without drugs or surgery!

Debora Jones and Cindy - Detroit, MI

"I Got Better Without Surgery & Having to Miss Work"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I had been suffering with back problems on and off for years. I had facet arthrosis and a disc herniation. I was on the verge of having spinal surgery when, thankfully, I heard about Dr. Lupo.

I was constantly in severe pain. My job required me to be on my feet all day which only made the pain worse.

There were times when the pain was so bad I couldn't lift anything or even stand up straight. My back was so bad that I had to miss work for days at a time. I didn't want to, but I had no other choice.

I had so much pain that nothing could relive it. Not even bedrest. In fact I couldn't get any rest because the pain made it practically impossible to sleep.

When my back went out in December, I took one week off of work. That did not help at all. In fact the pain still continued to get worse. I was told that surgery was the answer for me but I knew I did not want surgery. I was nervous about going to the hospital and surgery would have caused me to miss six months of work.

When a friend told me about Dr. Lupo's non-surgical spinal decompression program, I knew I had to see if I was a candidate. I am so glad that I was! The treatment was painless and now my back feels great!

My experience at Lupo SpinalAid was great. Everyone was friendly and went out of their way to accommodate me and make me feel comfortable. The staff always greeted me with a smile and a "Hello Charles!"

I would tell anyone who has a disc problem to see Dr. Lupo and try non-surgical spinal decompression before having surgery.

Charles Snyder - Eastpointe, MI

"I Am Able to Walk Without Pain"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center Three months ago, on a Wednesday, I woke with severe pain in my lower back which extended down my left leg I could not straighten my back or bear weight on my left side. Pain medications did nothing to stop the pain or even dull it.

Having three friends who experienced back problems and were cured by Dr. Joseph Lupo, I knew exactly what to do...Call Dr. Lupo. I was given an appointment the same day and hobbling, bent parallel to the floor with severe pain, I arrived at Lupo Spinal Aid Center to see Dr. Lupo. Dr. Lupo immediately ordered x-rays which showed I had severe issues. My subsequent MRI showed six herniated discs. Dr. Lupo recommended non-surgical spinal decompression which I began immediately. The decompression treatment is pain-free and well supervised by clinic staff.

The staff at Lupo Spinal Aid Center including the doctors, technicians and front desk staff, focused on my problem and created a friendly, concerned, supportive and therapeutic atmosphere. My needs always came first, even as far as scheduling appointments. This milieu has led to my success today.

Now, after three months, I am able, not only to walk, but walk without pain. My back is now straight and perpendicular to the floor. I have been able to resume normal activities, thanks to the excellent care of Dr. Joseph Lupo and the competent staff.

Judy McMahon - Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

"I Quit Taking Pain Pills After 24 Treatments"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center On May 3, 2008 I bent down to pick up something and experienced very severe pain in my lower back that went shooting down both of my legs. I went to the ER and was given muscle relaxers and pain pills. I was suffering terribly and could barely get a wink of sleep. The pain in my back was excruciating!

After a week of severe pain I decided to do something about it and went to Dr. Lupo's office. I was taking three strong pain pills a day and could barely even walk. I was absolutely miserable. I was glad that I was a candidate for this treatment, it was my last hope.

I was able to quit taking pain pills after 24 treatments! My back pain went away and now my legs even feel stronger than before. Dr. Lupo and his staff helped change my life for the better. I would recommend trying this treatment before even thinking about surgery. It was painless with a quicker and much more enjoyable recovery time.

Jim Fuhrman - Warren, MI
(Retired Electrical Engineer)

"It Has Been A Joyful Experience"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center On October 12, 2007, more than eight years of lower back pain came to an end. After one treatment I no longer had back pain when I laid on my back.

After the second treatment I no longer had lower back pain when I walked. Within the first week of treatment I stopped holding onto the roof of the car to get in and out.

In July I was told I had a bulging disc. I knew something needed to be done, but I was not interested in surgery.

In September, my wife handed me a SpinalAid ad that came in the newspaper. I read the ad several times before calling the office.

As I was talking to the receptionist, Dr. Lupo introduced himself to my wife and I as Dr. Joe Lupo. It has been a joyful experience and I have been telling everyone that knew what I have been going through for the past eight years how great I feel and why.

Thanks Dr. Lupo and a fine staff.

Broadus Wilkins - Clinton Township, MI

"I Am Drug-Free - No More Pain Pills!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I have had lower back pain for years, but this whole year has been a nightmare. My primary physician finally sent me for an x-ray and MRI. I also went for therapy. The therapist suggested I make an appointment with a surgeon.

My daily life was not. At times I ended up in a wheel chair. Most of the time, I used a walker. Being a very active person, my condition made me depressed. I love to walk and I couldn't even do that. I sat in a chair most of the time.

I went to a surgeon, and after many traumatic tests and medication, I decided some other path had to be taken. I did not want surgery which was the next step.

I had two epidural shots before a trip to Australia plus pain medication. Five minutes after returning home my back went out and I had a pinched nerve.

A friend told me about a non-surgical treatment. The call was made to Dr. Joseph Lupo who does non-surgical spinal decompression. My MRI report was faxed to the office and we were on our way. Dr. Lupo interviewed my husband and I during his lunch hour. I had been suffering since May and this was the end of September. My husband and I decided it was time to do something. After I was told I qualified as a non-surgical decompression patient, we set up the treatments.

I walked into the office with a walker. The pain was terrible. The very next day I graduated to a cane. After a few more treatments, I was able to walk without the cane. At one point I realized that my left big toe had feeling in it. It had been numb for about two years. We drove over 90 miles each way to visit Dr. Lupo and it was definitely worth it. I am very happy to report I am drug-free - no more pain pills! I feel better about myself, and am more able to do things on a daily basis.

I have been so happy and pleased with "all" the staff at Lupo Chiropractic since day one. The treatment from day one has been like my husband and I are family. The first name basis by everyone is awesome and warm encouragement. I would happily recommend this treatment to anyone with my kind of problem. I have never been to a clinic that cares so much about the patient. I look forward to each session with a happy heart.

Barbara Eliason - Sandusky, MI

"Forever Gratitude"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I'd like to express my sincere gratitude for having you as my personal chiropractor. I was diagnosed as having a misalignment in my spine by a previous chiropractor. After years of being under his care, he informed me that he was going to retire. He felt that it would be in my best interest to search for another chiropractor. I then told him that I would never be able to find another chiropractor better qualified than he was. Now, many years later, I must admit that I was absolutely wrong in my thinking.

I became your patient in June 1999. I have been seeing you for regular monthly visits for chiropractic adjustments. Over the years, you have been a chiropractor and friend. I've noticed that you are genuinely concerned about the well-being of your patients. You treat us all with compassion, kindness and love. I can tell that you are very concerned about keeping your patients healthy.

On February 18, 2007, I woke up with severe pain in my right leg. The pain was so intense that I could not move. As the day progressed, the pain became more severe. Later that night, was rushed to the emergency room where I was diagnosed as having a pinched nerve. I was prescribed steroids and pain medication. The next day, my condition had worsened. So I took every once of strength that I had within me and I literally crawled into your office.

When I arrived, I was in excruciating pain. I was experiencing numbness in my right leg and foot. I was vomiting from all the harmful medications that had been prescribed for my condition. I was unable to stand or sit. Even basic physical movement was a challenge for me. So you informed me that I should come into your office twice a day until my condition improved. However, the pain continued to get worse. I explained to you that the adjustments weren't working and I felt now relief. So you ordered a magnetic Resonance Image (MRI).

On March 7, 2007, I returned to your office with my MRI results. You reviewed the images and immediately said, "Let's go, I'm going to make you well." You put me on the DRX9000 decompression machine, or shall I say "The Miracle Machine" to help with my condition. After the third treatment, I was starting to feel better with less pain.

Thanks to you, I am alive again. I am living a normal life again. I went to the disco club last Thursday and I danced the night away - PAIN FREE! Before my injury, going dancing was a hobby that I enjoyed twice a week. And I am ever so grateful to you that I can now enjoy the things that matter most in my life. I have even resumed my routine of working out at the fitness club 5 days a week. My life is back to normal and I can't express with common words all the appreciation I have for you.

I just want to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate having you as my chiropractor, friend and healer. You are truly God sent. I'd also like to send my gratitude to your wonderful and caring staff. They are truly the most professional group of people I have ever met. I'd also like to give special recognition to Kelly. Everyday, she encouraged and assured me that I was going to be just fine.

One day, I was talking to Kelly and she told me about a movie called "The Secret." She told me that it would change my life. I did not know where to purchase the movie. So Kelly advised me to get the movie from you. I asked you about "The Secret" and the next day, you brought it in for me. The movie is amazing!! I've watched it at least 12 times. I now have a new outlook on life and my thought process has changed tremendously.

Dr. Lupo, you are truly a man of many gifts and talents. I am ever so grateful for you and your staff for helping me during such a difficult time in my life. You have left an everlasting heart print upon my heart and soul.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Annette Watkins - Detroit, MI

"Functioning at 100%"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I have lived with back pain for about 30 years. Sometimes severe and other times not so severe. But recently I started to experience severe pain in my right thigh, right calf, right foot and toes. Over a period of about three months the pain became so severe until I could not move at all without experiencing severe pain. I could only lay on my left side on the bed with my feet on the floor.

I immediately went to Dr. Lupo who started spinal decompression treatments. Even though I had started the treatment, the pain was so severe that I actually wanted to die.

After a couple of weeks of treatment, I was able to sleep all night. I was able to lay still without pain. I was able to actually roll over on my back for short periods of time. These were major improvements.

After four weeks of treatments I went back to work delivering newspapers and mail. The pain was not gone, but tolerable.

After eight weeks of treatment, the pain was negligible, hardly noticeable, but I was being careful because I did not want it to return.

After twelve weeks the pain was totally gone and I was functioning at 100%. But I had to realize that this was only the pain segment and I now only have to get through the repair and maintenance. I can see a full recovery ahead.

Dennis Johnson - Detroit, MI

"I Have Gotten Such Relief with No Pills, No Shots, No Surgery!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center In 1973, I had back surgery for a slipped disc and then in 1979, I once again had back surgery because I had developed so much scar tissue from the first surgery. I was unable to do much of anything without being in constant pain. Bowling and golfing were things that I truly enjoyed, but was unable to do any more.

I spent a lot of time on sick leave from my job and doctors weren't really able to do anything to relieve my pain except give me pain pills and muscle relaxers. I tried a series of three shots in my spine and that didn't work. Cortisone shots in my back only relieved my pain for a short time. It was difficult to sleep comfortably, so sleeping pills were added to the mix. My life became a vicious circle of doctors, pain pills, therapy and rest. There were many days when I felt that I would end up in a wheel chair. The pills provided limited relief. If I did outside work in my yard or tried to help my wife inside, that would pretty much be my only activity for the day. At the age of 55, after 30 years at my job, I retired because it was becoming too much for me to handle.

The doctors I went to discouraged me from having any more surgery, and I was only too happy to comply with that recommendation. I didn't want to go under the knife again, under any circumstances, but I was becoming more depressed because of the constant pain. I just didn't know what to do. Nothing I tried seemed to help.

One day I was discarding some newspapers and ads and one of the advertisements fell out of the bundle and landed at my feet. There it was-an ad for a new type of treatment for back problems-something called spinal decompression. In reading the paper I discovered that Dr. Lupo's office was about ten minutes away from my home. I couldn't get to the phone fast enough. I made an appointment for the following day.

After seeing the equipment and hearing about how it worked, I must admit, that I was a little skeptical about the whole thing, but I also knew I had to try it. Dr. Lupo was extremely compassionate and thoroughly explained the treatments and answered all my questions. And I can't say enough about the staff at Dr. Lupo's office. What a group of people they are! They can't do enough for their patients and always have a smile for you. For the first time in many, many years, I feel a relief from back pain and, yes, I am bowling again. When the warmer weather arrives, I intend to get out the old golf clubs and give my buddies a chance to try to beat me.

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone having back problems-nowhere else have I gotten such relief with no pills, no shots and no surgery!

I often think about that day when I was discarding the newspaper and the ad for spinal decompression landed at my feet-hmm, I wonder if it was coincidence or if the good Lord just knew that I needed a gentle shove in the right direction.

Chuck Tatti - Fraser, MI

"I Am Back To Work Full-Time"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I came to Dr. Lupo with severe lower back pain. Everyday was the same from the time I work until I went back to bed, the pain never went away. Pain medication barely helped at all. It had gotten to the point of where I had to give up all recreational activities and most of my work responsibilities because of the pain.

When I spoke with Dr. Lupo, he didn't jump to any quick remedy or treatment, he performed a thorough examination, took x-rays, and reviewed my MRI report. He asked me to give him time to evaluate my condition and return the next day.

The following day he showed me the x-rays and explained the cause of the pain. He also explained spinal decompression and told me it could be a way to relieve the pain and restore my mobility.

I started the treatment and immediately felt improvement. It relieved the pressure on my discs and nerves. Every treatment made my life better. I started with daily treatments and now I only come once a week. The pain is almost completely gone.

I can do most activities again and I'm back to work full-time. I can't say enough about the wonderful staff. They are always friendly and take great care of me.

Thank you very much Dr. Lupo and staff!

Chuck Nitz - Macomb Township, MI

"There is Another Solution Besides Surgery"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center Dear Dr. Lupo,

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am that I found your practice and made the decision to come in and see if you could help me.

For many months I have been suffering from lower back pain and shooting pains in my legs that have prevented me from doing the things I enjoy or need to do every day. For instance, I wasn't able to clean my house, work in my yard, go to church or even go shopping-the pain was just to intense. I lost sleep and felt awful all the time.

I tried going to an orthopedic doctor on the recommendation of my family doctor, but after trying physical therapy and cortisone shots, I still experienced no relief after months or therapy.

One day I saw your newsletter, read it over and decided to give your office a call to find out if there really was a solution that would let me get back to my normal life without surgery.

I came to your office, listened to what your staff had to say about the procedure and decided to give your treatment a chance.

I would definitely recommend your procedure to anyone experiencing the same level of pain and discomfort that I had been having-there is another solution besides surgery. Your staff is caring and explains the procedure while doing their job in a professional manner.

The fact that I've experienced significant relief in just a few weeks over months of physical therapy and cortisone shots has made such a big difference in my life. Thank you for taking care of me.

Best regards,

Kunigunda Crum - St. Clair Shores, MI

"One of the Best Decisions I've Ever Made"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I came to Lupo SpinalAid to treat disc problems in my lower back. I was in a lot of pain. My injury affected everything I did, from simple bending and twisting to even sitting, which sent shooting pain down my leg. It was a painful struggle just to get in and out of my vehicle.

I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs. So even though I was skeptical, I signed up for non-surgical spinal decompression. It ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made. After 20 visits, I was able to go back to work. The everyday activities that my injury made grueling now I do with absolutely no pain. I have recently even played basketball without any problems.

Even though the DRX machine did wonders for my back, Lupo SpinalAid's friendly staff may be their greatest asset. They helped ease the burden of my 110 mile round trip by always greeting me with a smile and making me feel very welcome and well cared for. So to everyone at Lupo SpinalAid, thank you for giving me my life back!

Joe Szumski - Greenwood, MI

"A Sense of Well-Being!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center My back problem has limited me in everyday life including: workouts, fishing, boating and snowboarding.

I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Lupo's office for about five weeks now. My experience with his entire office has been a pleasant one. Every one of his staff has taken an interest in my care. Dr. Lupo, along with his staff called and knew me on a first name basis on the first day. They have been with me every step of the way, and I surely have put in some time. My appointment literally lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes a day and all of the time is spent in therapy procedures with no down time.

My herniated discs L4/L5 were probably at their worst around February, but my symptoms have never really subsided only a lessening of pain on occasion. I now can ride in a car up North (4.5 hour drive) without pain medication.

It was recommended I choose (elect) surgery in March, but I thought I would try everything else out there first. I have tried acupuncture, cortisone injections, pain medications (Vicodin, etc.) and now chiropractic measures. I probably stopped using my pain aids two weeks into therapy and now I almost never take them. I have felt some severe pain in my right foot that has been alleviated now at this point.

I still have some up and down days, but the scale is tilting in my favor. I sure am glad I choose Dr. Lupo's office, he is a spectacular doctor, who I believe will stick by me until I am better.

What I really like about coming to Dr. Lupo's office is the timeliness, hospitality and warmth from the entire office. I really enjoy all the adjustments too, I don't think I've been so aligned ever and it gives me a sense of well-being!

JoAnn Kemp - Harrison Township, MI

"Miraculous Relief"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I have suffered from chronic back problems most of my adult life. My problem was specifically my lower back which affected my sciatic nerves which led to extreme discomfort.

In the past I had always pursued anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer medication to see if immediate relief was achieved. I also would see a chiropractor to relieve my discomfort.

In January 2006 I started having severe sciatic pain involving my buttocks and the back of my thighs on both sides of my body. As usual-I tried medication first to see if I would get a 'quick fix.' That did not happen so I went to the chiropractor. I went diligently several times a week for several weeks and received minimal relief. I told him we needed another plan because I was at a plateau with my pain relief. He referred me to a physical therapy program which escalated my problem. I was at a loss! I went back to the medical doctor and he gave me stronger medication-but I realized I could not live on Vicodan for the rest of my life. I went back to the medical doctor and he sent me for a series of epidural steroid injections. I followed the program and found that relief was short-lived after each injection. I went back to the doctor and he said my only alternative was back surgery. I did not want back surgery but my pain was so excruciating I had to do something. I made the appointment with the back surgeon and that very afternoon I saw an advertisement for Dr. Lupo's chiropractic center and his DRX machine for spinal decompression. It was like divine intervention that I saw this at this time. I called and got an appointment immediately for a consultation. That was May 2007.

When I went to Dr. Lupo's office I was in extreme pain. My back pain interfered with EVERY aspect of my daily life. I could not stand up to take a shower, dressing was painful-a simple walk through the grocery store was a painful challenge-I would have to stop in the middle of the aisle and bend over to relieve pain. I could not sleep or stand or walk-daily living was a painful hell and nothing would bring relief.

The first time I walked into the office I was treated like I was an old friend returning for a visit. It was a friendly caring atmosphere and I felt like I was the most important patient there. I received a thorough exam and a program was set up for me. Dr. Sara took care of me during my entire program-from start to finish. She spent time with me and talked about how to facilitate my progress toward recovery. I was given a home program of exercises which deemed very beneficial. I looked forward to my appointments. Every one was so friendly and courteous and caring. It is now October and I have finished my program on the DRX spinal decompression machine. It has brought me miraculous relief. I would recommend Dr. Lupo's office and Dr. Sarah to anyone who is having chronic painful back issues or someone needing back surgery. I know they saved me! I was told with surgery I might be better-I might be the same-I might be worse. With the DRX spinal decompression machine, I only got better!

I thank them from the bottom of my heart-and may God bless them all.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta Thornhill - Warren, MI

"I Am A New Woman"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center When I first experienced my pain it started in my low back. I found that it limited the activities I could do around the house, but I felt like it was something I could live with. That is until one day I took the first step out of bed and experienced the worst pain I have ever felt. It went through my low back all the way down to my feet. I couldn't walk, sit or stand. I had to lie down, and even then the pain was bad. I had to curl up in a ball and not move. Sometimes the pain would get so bad that I would cry. I couldn't believe it, I thought I was done.

Lots of people I know had had the same problems I was having and ended up getting surgery. After the surgery they were not the same people and they wished they had not gone through with the surgery because they were still having the pain. I did not want that. The surgery is so intense and then you are laid up for up to 6 months, and then it still might not work. I knew that was not for me.

My mom sent me the article about Spinal Aid Centers and their drug free, non-surgical spinal decompression. When I read about it I thought this is for me. I called for more information and watched the informative DVD they sent me. I was very impressed so I made the appointment and met with Dr. Lupo and his staff. They were all very genuine and caring. Dr. Lupo said he would make me a new woman and I believed him.

It took awhile at first, but I understood that true healing takes time. Now I can do anything. I am a new woman. When people see me now they can not believe it. They wish they had heard about it before they had surgery. I recommend this to anyone with back problems and tell them this is truly the way to go. Thank you again to the Spinal Aid doctors and staff, you are all the best. I got my life back!

Thank you, Thank you

Linda J Wright

"I Feel the Best I Have Felt in Years"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center Before coming to Dr. Lupo's office I had just given up on my back problems. I couldn't sleep through the night, couldn't sit and watch TV, couldn't do much of anything. I thought for sure I would have to live with this the rest of my life.

I have been through all the treatments that I could go through: injections in the back, medications and even physical therapy and nothing helped.

I just given up hope until one day at work someone came up to my wife with an article on spinal aid. My wife and I said let's give it a try.

I was very leery about it because it was at a chiropractor's office and I had already been through that, but after talking to them and seeing what was involved, I went with it.

After about a week, I could feel a big difference and now after three weeks, I feel the best I have felt in years.

I can't thank Dr. Lupo's office enough. The staff are so friendly and cheerful that they make you feel right at home. Now that I'm about to go to a once a week schedule, I will miss coming everyday because I look forward to it.

Anybody I see who has back pain, I would surely recommend this treatment to them. Thank YOU VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY MUCH DR. LUPO AND THE STAFF.

Tim Klimbal - St. Clair Shores, MI

"After Two Treatments, I Can Walk Again!"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I read about Spinal Aid in the Detroit Free Press and wondered if it could help me. The pain in my back and spine was so great I found it getting worse and worse to the point that I couldn't do the things that I love to do. Bowling was a regular hobby of mine and it got to the point that I couldn't bowl. I was hurting so much that I couldn't even put my socks on my own feet. That is what prompted me to do something about my condition. I could not walk ten feet before having to sit down. I was unable to do anything.

Before meeting with Dr. Lupo I first went to a medical doctor at a hospital. They diagnosed me with back pain with nerve irritation, possible sacrum/coccyx injury, and sciatica. I was given a shot of cortisone pain killer that did nothing. Having a back problem like this was very serious. I was eating pain pills like candy. They did nothing. The Vicodin made me sick to my stomach. Being 79 years old, I began to wonder if I was just going to have to live with this misery.

I had heard good things about Dr. Lupo, so I said, "Ok, let's give it a try."

Thank God for Dr. Lupo and his staff. After two treatments of Spinal Aid, I could walk! The treatment was painless and relaxing and I had less and less pain after each treatment.

The staff here at Dr. Lupo's is the greatest. I found myself actually looking forward to each session. I have been done with my treatments for 9 months now and I am still feeling good and have no more trouble walking.

Anyone with this type of pain should come and see Dr. Lupo and staff without hesitation.

Thank you Dr. Lupo,

Bob Morrison - Clinton Township, MI

"I Just Wanted To Play Golf Pain-Free Again"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I am 60 years old and six years ago I ruptured my L4 and L5 discs. Being an avid golfer, playing four to five times a week, I continued playing golf in severe pain. I even tried epidural injections to relieve the pain on a temporary basis. My pain became CONSTANT. During my last golf tournament in July 2008, the pain was so severe that I could not continue playing in the tournament. A friend of mine, Tommy Valentine, told me that two golf professionals had been through a procedure called DRX9000 and are now both playing golf without pain. After hearing this I found Dr. Lupo and he consulted with me, carefully reviewed my MRI's, took additional necessary x-rays and then confirmed to me that I was a candidate for this program and that he would try to help me be able to play golf again without pain. I started the program July 17, 2008, was prescribed a treatment program of 20 days and then one visit a week for twelve weeks. It seemed like a reasonable treatment plan and I was still able to work the entire time that I was going through spinal decompression therapy. In the first week of treatment, I noticed that I had less stiffness in my back and that my pain was actually diminishing! After my fifteenth treatment I experienced no back pain and I am currently playing golf without taking any medications. Besides the spinal decompression therapy, I also look forward to my workout on the abs and back machines to strengthen the core muscles in my back and stomach. I am feeling better than EVER!!

I am extremely grateful to have found Dr. Lupo, his doctors and staff. They have been more than accommodating and I look forward to every visit receiving warm smiles and a great hello from the associates at Dr. Lupo's office.

A special thanks to Dr. Joseph Lupo, Dr. Shahid Khan and Beth Harrington who took special interest in my case and I am eternally grateful for their expertise. I would like to personally thank the whole staff at Dr. Lupo's office for their genuine caring and friendly manner.

Anthony "Tim" Mourad - Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
(A.E. Mourad Insurance Agency)

"Finally... Some Relief That Lasts"

Lupo Spinal Aid Center I had been suffering with severe back pain for over 5 years when I saw the ad in the paper for Lupo Spinal Aid Center. Over the years I tried many treatments to relieve my back pain; prolonged physical therapy, acupuncture, over-the-counter medications and lots of prescriptions- I even had shots put in my back! Some of treatments helped for a while and some of them didn't help at all. The pain felt like knives stabbing all the way down my legs! My legs felt heavy after walking and they were even starting to feel weak. My problem got so bad that 4 yrs ago I had to quit my factory job. I couldn't even keep up with chores around the house. My pain was so bad I couldn't do anything anymore and I had no social life. I was crying every day.

When I saw the ad in the paper, my husband and I both thought it was something I should look into, but I was a little apprehensive because I had tried so many other things that didn't work. I was also scared because I didn't have any insurance and I thought I would never be able to pay for it, but my pain was so nagging I knew I had to do something. I finally called and set up an appointment. Once I got to the office, the caring staff made me feel comfortable and the doctor was friendly and helpful. Dr. Sarah told me that I had borderline spinal stenosis, facet arthrosis, and a disc bulge. She explained to me how that was causing the different pains I was having and why the other treatments I tried weren't very successful. After I met with the doctor she evaluated my case and then I came back to find out if I was a candidate or not. We were so glad to find out that I was a candidate and then the doctor gave me my care plan. I followed my care plan and continued to improve. Now I am getting back to activities like walking and housework and I feel like being social again. I am so happy I found Lupo Spinal Aid Center.

Sue Ann Osmicevic - Clinton Township, MI