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The Lo-Bak Trax Treatment

More than 80% of individuals (young and old) either struggle with short-term or persistent back pain. Backache is among the worst ailments to have as not only does it seriously hurt but it also hinders you in your daily life.

It's a fact that most individuals usually go to a chiropractor to acquire treatment for back and as well as spinal pain. Within more recent times due to enhance within the number of patients who suffer with routine as well as or perhaps constant back pain, chiropractors have actually begun to look for alternative methods to effectively treat these conditions by basically straying from the typical traditional treatments and rather opting for much more modern treatments namely, the Lo-bak Trax treatment. The reason for the use of this particular treatment is because studies have actually revealed that this particular spinal traction treatment is actually within actual fact way more effective than the far more common, routine back pain treatments.

What Is The Lo-bak Trax

A lobaktrax is an FDA approved spinal traction device which has actually been confirmed to alleviate backache, almost instantly. It also helps to minimize the pain for much longer periods of time. This particular device is actually designed to align as well as straighten the spine, by decompressing the spinal pressure. The decompression of spinal pressure is carried out by actively stretching the spine, utilizing a push as well as pull method thereby minimizing the pressure that is actually being actually put onto the disks thus decreasing back ache.

This device has proven to be actually so effective having studies showing that you only need to use it for about 10 - 15 minutes a day in order for it to effectively work. It is actually also been noted that this particular treatment is so good that certain chiropractors are opting to only use the Lo-bak Trax treatment method for back pain.

How Is The Lo-bak Trax Treatment Performed?

This treatment is done using a Lo-bak Trax device, which is a lightweight metal device having comfy hand grips which almost appear like the handlebars of a bicycle

. The patient will rest prone on the floor having their legs bent (almost at a 90 degree angle) so that their feet is flat upon the floor

. The Lo-bak Trax device is actually then placed in between the legs with the guides resting comfortably on the thighs as well as the comfortably padded bars being gripped securely within the hands

. Then depending upon the targeted area of pain you either push downward towards the feet or push off sideways. This particular device in actual fact works in a push as well as pull means. As you are pushing down to your feet the top half of your body is actually being pushed up thereby resulting in the stretching motion

. Viola immediate pain relief.

What Conditions Could The Lo-bak Trax Be Used For?

The Lo-Bak Trax can be utilized for but is actually not limited to the following conditions;

. Herniated Disks
. Bone spurs
. Degenerative Disk Disease
. Lower Backache
. Spinal Stenosis
. Sciatica

The Benefits of Using The Lo-bak Trax Device

. You will get immediate relief from back pain without having to go for any type of dangerous not to mention downright costly spinal surgeries

. Constant use of the device helps to realign your spine and also assists keep it straight

. As a result of a straight spine you would be able to walk as well as move about better

. It improves the overall quality of your life due to you now being able to do simple things, like bending without having the pain impeding you

. This device is able to actually cure your spinal condition. Of-course this does depends of the individual as well as the severity of the condition itself

. You have full control over your orthopedic traction, so if the device it's putting too much or perhaps too little pressure upon your spine, you are able to either ease as well as enhance the traction.

It should be noted though that if spinal traction is not carried out correctly it is able to injure you more than help you. This is actually why spinal traction should be actually recommended and then administered by your chiropractor first.

With the above-mentioned benefits it is actually easy to see why more as well as more chiropractors are opting to treat their patients using the Lo-bak Trax and having it being actually so comfy, easy to use and let's certainly not forget effective, even the skeptics are likely to give it a go. All in all if you are actually appearing for a quick as well as easy means to ease back pain then you really need ask your chiropractor about the Lo-bak Trax treatment.